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The CALA AGM is an opportunity to recognize extraordinary individual efforts with the presentation of two service awards. The Don LaBerge Award and Serge Villard Award recognize outstanding efforts, achievements and contributions of individuals in the service of CALA.

Don LaBerge Award

This award in honour of Don Laberge was established in 2006 to recognize lifetime achievement in the service of CALA. Don helped steer the direction of CAEAL/CALA right from the start; he was one of the three signatories on the application to incorporate CAEAL/CALA in 1989 and served on the Board of Directors and also as CALA President.

The Canadian laboratory community lost a great leader, mentor, and friend when he passed away in 2005. He will always be remembered for his integrity, technical ability, and sense of humour. It was a privilege to have had Mrs. Glenna Laberge present the first award at the CAEAL/CALA 2006 Annual General Meeting in Toronto on May 15, 2006.

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Serge Villard Award

Each year at the CALA Annual General Meeting, the Serge Villard Award (originally known as the CAEAL Recognition Award) is presented to one of the volunteer assessors who has made a special contribution to CALA. Frequently these individuals have conducted numerous assessments of laboratories participating in the CALA program and they may have also been members of the CALA Advisory Panel that reviews responses from laboratories and makes accreditation recommendations. Regardless of how an individual has earned it, the Award is recognition that CALA members acknowledge and appreciate the personal contribution that has been made to the Association.

Serge Villard was one of the three originating directors for the Association. He signed the application for incorporation along with John Lawrence and Don LaBerge on May 30, 1989, and he served in various roles on the Board until 1999.

CALA is very proud of its association with Serge Villard and with all of the individuals who have been recipients of the CAEAL/CALA Recognition Award and the Serge Villard Award.

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