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Board Chair, Klas Ohman, presents to Paula Jackman.

Paula Jackman


Ms. Paula Jackman received the Serge Villard Award, for her outstanding commitment and contributions to the accreditation program as a volunteer Lead Assessor and AdvisoryPanel Member. Serge Villard was one of the three originating directors for the Association.

Paula has been an assessor with CALA since 1998, and since that time, has conducted a total of 37 assessments – 18 of them as a Lead Assessor. She is certified as a Lead Assessor with Exemplar Global. Paula’s expertise in toxicology has been instrumental in the development of the CALA toxicology program. Paula was appointed to the Advisory Panel in 2010 and assists CALA staff with any toxicology issues that arise. As well, she has demonstrated leadership skills by willingly stepping forward to facilitate sessions at the biennial assessor-training event held in 2013.

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