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Karen Dodds accepts the award on behalf of Environment Canada from CALA President Paul Fewer.

Environment Canada


The recipient of the 2011 Don LaBerge award is Environment Canada.

This award is made annually in honour of Don Laberge and was established in 2006 to recognize lifetime achievement in the service of CALA. Traditionally this award has been presented for individual lifetime achievements and commitment to the work of CALA.
Environment Canada will be the first-ever organizational recipient of this Award and Assistant Deputy Minister Dr. Karen L. Dodds from Environment Canada, was present to receive this honour.

In making our choice, CALA considered the multiple efforts, by multiple individuals, over more than two decades of CALA history, all supported and encouraged by Environment Canada. As a result, we unanimously concluded that Environment Canada was the perfect candidate to be recognized with this award.

From the very inception of CALA, Environment Canada has been of tremendous support and service to our organization. Environment Canada for more than two decades has consistently supported a total of more than 42 members of their laboratory staff in a volunteer capacity acting as:

  • accreditation assessors,
  • members of the CALA Board of Directors,
  • members of the CALA Accreditation Council
  • members of the CALA Advisory Panel
  • members of the CALA Program Committee
  • And in addition to this, since 1991 Environment Canada has serviced CALA as a true partner in the delivery of what is arguably the best Proficiency Testing (PT) program anywhere in the world.

Congratulations to Environment Canada!

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