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Board Chair, Klas Ohman, presents to Colleen Cotter on behalf of Debbie Masson-Stogran.

Debbie Masson-Stogran


The Don LaBerge Award was presented to Ms. Debbie Masson-Stogran recognizing her for having so selflessly volunteered his time and expertise to the work of CALA and for the benefit of the entire laboratory community. The Don Laberge Award is presented for individual lifetime achievements and commitment to the work of CALA.

Debbie has invested almost 20 years of service in CALA as a volunteer in numerous capacities. She has served CALA’s governance role as a member of the CALA Board of Directors and during her Board service also led the organization as its President. In addition, Debbie has also served almost all of her years of service as an active assessor in our accreditation program. She has also served CALA as a member of both the CALA Advisory Panel and more recently as a member of the CALA Program Committee.

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