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What We Do

CALA is an internationally recognized leader in providing the highest-quality accreditation of laboratories. Our commitment to objectivity and data integrity gives CALA-accredited laboratories lower risk and competitive advantage by ensuring that their customers receive data that can be trusted. We provide a unique combination of rigour, deep expertise and exceptional customer service that leads the way in ensuring that CALA-accredited laboratories are among the best in the world. All CALA services are designed and delivered to inspire excellence in laboratories; to promote a better understanding of laboratory test results by laboratory clients; and to earn the confidence of Regulators.

Our Mission

Canadian leader in providing internationally recognized, high quality, customer-focused accreditation services that empower people and organizations to make better decisions.

Our Vision

To ensure trust and confidence for a healthy, safe, and sustainable world.

Our Values

Integrity: Ethical principles and values. Accountability in the conduct of our work. Committed to transparency and impartiality.

Competence: Credibility and expertise in our services. Commitment to precision, quality and standards.

Competitive collaboration: Competing and working with Accreditation colleagues globally.

Leadership: Providing our clients a significant competitive advantage.

CALA is committed to working with the laboratory community and their clients to achieve and demonstrate the value of implementing the highest quality standards of testing in Canadian analytical laboratories.


In our efforts to enhance services to both members and their clients, we will continue to expand our existing programs to cover a wider array of tests. This effort is complemented by CALA’s training courses and specialized studies. We will also seek further efficiencies in our programs in order to reduce costs to participating laboratories and encourage broader participation within the laboratory community.

Finally, we will continue our international efforts both in the interest of promoting good science and ensuring that Canadian companies can meet the requirements of international trade agreements.

International Recognition

CALA is a signatory to the following bodies:

These international agreements provide mutual recognition between accrediting bodies in countries in Africa, the Asia Pacific region, the Americas, Europe and the Middle East. The main aim of these agreements is to increase worldwide use and acceptance by both industry and government of endorsed reports from accredited laboratories.

CALA programs are also endorsed by the Canadian Council of Ministers of the Environment, and enjoy the support of federal and provincial governments, as well as private sector companies who provide volunteer staff and work with us to enhance the quality of information available for making environmental decisions. To this end, we encourage government agencies, private sector organizations and professional associations across Canada to participate in the review and evaluation of issues relating to the quality of Canadian testing in analytical laboratories.

Become A Member

CALA membership is open to individuals, user groups, institutions, consultants, industrial organizations, regulatory agencies, laboratory equipment suppliers, and others interested in the work being carried out in environmental analytical laboratories.

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