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Board Chair, Klas Ohman, presents to Carolyn Eaton.

Carolyn Eaton


Ms. Carolyn Eaton received the Serge Villard Award, for her outstanding commitment and contributions to the accreditation program as a 15-year volunteer, serving as a Lead Assessor, Advisory Panel Member and Program Committee Member. Serge Villard was one of the three originating directors for the Association.

Carolyn has been an assessor with CALA since 2000, and since that time, has conducted 32 assessments – 9 of them as a Lead Assessor.  She has conducted many assessments as a sole assessor, assessing both the management and technical requirements of ISO/IEC 17025.  Carolyn is a very competent assessor, as evidenced by the caliber of her reports, and feedback from laboratories and co-assessors has always been positive.

Carolyn has also been active as an Advisory Panel member since 2007 and as a Program Committee member since 2011.

She is always willing to help CALA staff with assessments and review of files as an Advisory Panel member.  Anytime she is asked for input or assistance, she provides thoughtful, considered comments and assistance in a timely manner.

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