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Board Chair, Klas Ohman, presents to Linda Neimor.

Linda Neimor


The Don LaBerge Award was presented to Ms. Linda Neimor recognizing her longstanding commitment and dedication to the work of CALA, for the benefit of the entire laboratory community. Linda is responsible for leading the development and implementation of the national Quality system at ALS Canada's Environmental Quality Department and has over 40 years of analytical laboratory experience. The Don Laberge Award is presented for individual lifetime achievements and commitment to the work of CALA.

Linda has been an assessor with CALA since 1999, and since that time, has conducted 35 assessments – 21 of them as a Lead Assessor. Linda became an Advisory Panel Member in 2003, and joined the CALA Board of Directors in 2009, serving as President and on various Board Committees during that time. Linda is presently representing CALA laboratories in discussions regarding the upcoming revisions to the ISO/IEC 17025 Standard.

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