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CALA President, Erv Calling presents to Richard Turle.



The recipient of the 2009 Don LaBerge award is Mr. Richard Turle.

Richard holds a Bachelor of Science degree for the University of London as well as a Masters degree from the University of Waterloo. His areas of expertise include Organic Analysis, Quality Assurance and Air Pollution.

Richard has always been an ardent supporter of CAEAL/CALA, and was one of visionaries of an association for public and private laboratories with the goal of improving data quality. When this vision became a reality, Richard played a key role on the Program Committee from 2003 to 2006, and chaired that committee for most of those years. Richard was appointed to the Accreditation Council in April 2008. In this work Richard has demonstrated integrity, objectivity and impartiality thus contributing to the credibility of CALA’s Accreditation Program.

Congratulations Richard!

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