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CALA President James Doull, presents to Michael Brodsky.

Michael Brodsky


The recipient of the 2010 Serge Villard Award is Mr. Michael Brodsky.

Michael has been an Environmental Microbiologist for 38 years. He is a graduate from the University of Toronto, School of Hygiene and was the Chief of Environmental Microbiology from 1982-1999 with the Laboratory Services Branch of the Ontario Ministry of Health. He is currently operating as Brodsky Consultants, an independent microbiological consultant in food and water safety, laboratory accreditation, and quality assurance.

Michael has been a CALA assessor since 2000, and has performed 39 assessments, either by himself or on a team. He has continually received positive feedback from team members and laboratories on his technical knowledge and performance of assessments, and is a RABQSA-certified Lead Assessor. Michael also volunteers on both the Advisory Panel and Program Committee.

Congratulations Michael!

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