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CALA Training Service's mission is to identify, then develop or acquire, then deliver facilitated training to CALA members and other organizations, in accordance with the stated needs of these organizations, and in a manner that supports the integrity, credibility and viability of the Association. CALA supports the laboratory environment by offering continuous training and skill upgrading.

We have a variety of courses including:

CALA training is offered in a variety of formats at various dates throughout the year. All our training can be customized to your laboratory’s needs and delivered either on-site or through a virtual training session. Call 613-233-5300 or email for more details.

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Course Delivery Options

Course are offered in a variety of ways to make it as convenient as possible.


CALA offers live classroom courses throughout Canada.


CALA Training gives your team on-site lab expertise with cost-effective, customizable courses.


CALA Training's online courses are self-paced and delivered through our online management system.


Learn remotely with full interaction with the instructor and course participants.


CALA Training offers 24 live webinars per year, plus provides a collection of recorded webinars you can access immediately and share with your laboratory staff for 30 days. Our webinars are 1 hour in length.

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