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What is accreditation?

Laboratory Accreditation

Accreditation is a means of determining the technical competence of testing, calibration and medical laboratories to perform specific types of testing, measurement and calibration. It provides formal recognition that laboratories are competent, impartial and independent, therefore providing a ready means for customers to identify and select reliable testing, measurement and calibration services that are able to meet their needs. To maintain this recognition, laboratories are re-evaluated regularly by a recognised accreditation body to ensure their continued compliance with requirements, and to check that their standard of operation is being maintained. The laboratory is also required to participate in relevant proficiency testing programs between reassessments, as a further demonstration of technical competence.

CALA Accreditation

CALA delivers laboratory accreditation in the fields of environmental food, mineral, and petroleum testing. Accreditation itself is based on satisfactory participation in the site assessment program plus satisfactory participation in proficiency testing. The granting and maintenance of accreditation is made by the CALA Accreditation Council on the recommendation of the CALA Advisory Panel.

Apply for accreditation

Select one of the following to download the information and application forms necessary to apply for accreditation.

Downloads are in Adobe (.pdf) format, unless otherwise noted.

Description and Fees

P02-01: Program Description
P02-02: Fee Schedule
P02-03: PT Requirements for Accreditation
P02-04: PT Catalogue
P02-05: Approved PT Providers

Application Forms

P04-01: Terms and Conditions of Accreditation and/or Proficiency Testing
P04-02: Proficiency Testing
P04-03: New Accreditation
P04-04: Accreditation Renewal
P04-05: Abbreviated Assessment
P04-06: Transfer of Accreditation
P04-07: Drinking Water Treatment - PT


A132: Scope Extension Request
A136: Matrix and Sub-Matrix Guide
P04: Annex1: Scope of Testing Template in Word format
F45: Scope of Testing Template - Analyte Spreadsheet in Excel Format

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The laboratories included in the Directory of Accredited Laboratories have achieved the recognition conferred by the granting of laboratory Accreditation by CALA.

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