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Cannabis Testing Laboratories Increasingly Interested in Accreditation

Testing matters.  Being able to trust a test’s results matters more.  For Canada’s still-nascent cannabis industry, this is especially true. […]

Testing matters.  Being able to trust a test’s results matters more.  For Canada’s still-nascent cannabis industry, this is especially true. In 2019 more than five million people reported having used cannabis at least once during a three-month period. Meaning the cannabis industry is growing . . . and quickly.  As even more consumers and retailers jump on board, it will be of paramount importance that cannabis laboratories have the ability to provide customers with quality products they can trust.

One significant way that cannabis laboratories can ensure customer trust, is through accreditation. Accreditation enables laboratories to demonstrate that they can operate competently and generate valid results which promotes confidence in their work.

Industry growth coupled with a desire for quality products has resulted in an increased interest in accreditation from cannabis testing laboratories. Interest can also be linked to a few other factors:

  1. Ensuring consumer safety is a heightened priority, therefore cannabis testing laboratories are focused on providing accurate labels that indicate potency;
  2. As the market grows, cannabis laboratories are beginning to focus more heavily on investing in their reputation to demonstrate technical competence and commitment to proper testing procedures;
  3. And, accreditation to the ISO/IEC 17025 standard provides assurance to a laboratory’s customers that the data they receive is reliable.

In a recent article by Alexander Beadle, even more light is shed on why Canadian Cannabis Laboratories are Seeking Accreditation.

CALA has responded to the increase in awareness and interest in cannabis laboratory accreditation and is now offering an Understanding ISO/IEC 17025 for Cannabis Laboratories training which is available to all laboratory staff who participate in the operation of the laboratory management system.

The training provides an opportunity for managers, staff, and researchers to examine the  ISO/IEC 17025:2017 standard as it applies to cannabis testing, including the foundation and technical requirements within the standard. It includes practical concepts such as document control, risk, corrective actions, internal audits, traceability, measurement uncertainty, and method validation.

As the cannabis testing industry continues to grow, so does CALA. Trust and accuracy are at the core of what we do and ensuring laboratories have the credentials and resources they need to produce competent and valid results is our top-most priority.

If you or your organization is interested in signing up for this course, Understanding ISO/IEC 17025 for Cannabis Laboratories, please contact us at

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