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January / June

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Instructon Sheet Document Code Revision  
January General Instructions P-02 1.0
June General Instructions P-02 1.0
OC Pesticides in Water C6A 1.0
PCBs in Water C6B 1.0
PAHs in Water C7 1.0
PCB in Oil C8 1.0
Metals on Air Filter C9 1.0
BTEX THM VOC in Water C16 1.0
Metals in Soil C17 1.0
PAH in Soil C18 1.0
OP Pesticides in Water C22 1.0
Aryloxy Acid Pesticides in Water C24 1.0
Phenolic Compounds in Water C25 1.0
Glyphosate in Water C27 1.0
Aldicarb in Water C29 1.0
BTEX and PHCs in soil C31A 1.0
PHCs in Soil C31B 1.0
Oil and Grease in Water C34 1.0
PCBs in Soil C35 1.0
VOCs in Soil C36 1.0
VOCs by TCLP C38 1.0
Metals_Anions by TCLP C39 1.0
BTEX and PHCs in Water C40A 1.0
PHCs in Water C40B 1.0
Hexavalent Chromium C41 1.0
Solids in Soil C43 1.0
Nutrients in Soil C44 1.0
Anions in Soil C45 1.0
Acidity in Water C46 1.0
Haloacetic Acids in Water C47 1.0
Hexavalent Chromium In Soil C74 1.0
Particle Size in Soil C75 1.0
Oil and Grease in Soil C76 1.0
Pesticides in Soil C77 1.0

March / October

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Instructon Sheet Document Code Revision  
March General Instructions P-02 3.0
October General Instructions P-02 2.0
Major Ions in Water C1A 2.11
NH3 o-PO4 DOC NO2 and Br in Water C1B 1.17
Metals (Full range) in Water C2A 2.11
Metals (High Range) in Water C2B 1.7
Metals (Total) in Water C2C 1.6
TP TKN in Water C3 2.9
Solids in Water C4A 1.1
BOD in Water C4B 1.1
Turbidity in Water C4C 1.1
COD in Water C4D 1.2
Microbiology in Water C5A 2.17
Microbiology (PA) in Water C5B 1.11
Toxicology in Water C11 | C12 | C13 2.27
Cyanide in Water C14 2.10
pH in Water C15 1.1
Mercury in Water C19 1.9
Chlorine in Water C32 1.12
Total Phenolics in Water C33 1.6
Colour in Water C37 1.3
Sulphide in Water C42 1.1
PT for Test Kits P50 | P51 | P52 1.0

General notes

  1. PT results must be reported in the units indicated, using the CALA web-data-entry system by midnight of the study deadline. Failure to report results by this time will be treated as an unacceptable PT.
  2. Provide information on results, method and date analyzed.
  3. Provide name and telephone number of laboratory contact.
  4. PT samples must be treated with the same effort and workflow as the majority of client samples.
  5. Collusion or falsification of PT study data will result in withdrawal of PT recognition and may also result in withdrawal of accreditation.
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