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As of January 1st, 2020, PTC will operate as a separate and distinct corporate entity responsible for all proficiency testing activities previously held by CALA.  PTC will continue to honour CALA member discounts on proficiency testing.  Our scope of accreditation can be found here
We are in the process of building our new website at   During this period, you can continue to find all proficiency testing documentation here on the CALA site, including web data entry. 


What is proficiency testing?

It is a powerful quality assurance tool that enables laboratories to monitor their performance and compare their results against similar laboratories. CALA’s Proficiency Testing Program consists, in general, of four samples per study, two studies per year.  The analyte concentrations in these samples are unknown to the participating laboratory, which analyses the samples and reports the results for evaluation.  Successful participation is also used as one of the surveillance tools in support of laboratory accreditation to the ISO/IEC 17025 standard.

CALA Proficiency Testing

The Proficiency Testing Program targets high volume testing in the major disciplines of inorganic chemistry, organic chemistry, toxicology, occupational health, and microbiology. This program currently includes the following matrices: water, waste oil, soil/sediment, air collection media, and asbestos testing.

The CALA PT program is accredited by the American Association for Laboratory Accreditation (A2LA) and has recently been acknowledged to be fully conformant to the new international PT standard ISO/IEC 17043:2010.

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Apply for proficiency testing

Select one of the following to download the information and application forms necessary to apply for proficiency testing.

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Description and Fees

P02-01: Program Description
P02-02: Fee Schedule
P02-04: PT Catalogue

Application Forms

P04-01: Terms and Conditions of Accreditation and/or Proficiency Testing
P04-02: Proficiency Testing


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