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Canadian Association for Laboratory Accreditation Inc.

Building Laboratory Excellence

CALA Annual General Meeting

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Friday, June 18, 2004


Hotel contact and reservation information:
Metropolitan Hotel Vancouver 645 Howe Street,
British Columbia
V6C 2Y9(corner of Georgia and Howe Streets)

Phone: 1-800-667-2300


9:00 am to 4:00 pm (8:00 am continental breakfast)



2004 Draft Minutes (.pdf)




Motion for a Renewal of SCC/CAEAL Accreditation Partnership Agreement


Executive Director's Report

Executive Director's Report (.pdf)

Program Reports

Assessments and Accreditation (.pdf)
Proficiency Testing (.pdf)

Training (.pdf)

Treasurer's Report

Treasurer's Report (.pdf)

President's Report

President's Report (.pdf)

Financial Statements

2003-2004 Audited Financial Statements
2004 Audited Financial Statements



Highlights of the 2004 Annual General Meeting


Below, Mr. Dave Wong a CAEAL assessor, receives the Serge Villard Award from CAEAL's President, Russ Calow. Mr. Wong, the fifth recipient of the Serge Villard Award (formerly the "CAEAL Recognition Award") which is presented at CAEAL's AGM to a CAEAL Assessor (or to a member of the CAEAL Advisory Panel) in recognition of exceptional contributions to CAEAL as an assessor or as a member of the Panel, or both.Dave has over 20 years experience in water and wastewater testing, and has been involved in quality assurance for most of that time as an active member of AOAC and the Alberta Water Analysts Committee (AWAC). He has been assessing for CAEAL since 1996, and since that time has performed 32 assessments and obtained certification as a Lead Assessor with the National Quality Institute of Canada. Dave was appointed to the CAEAL Advisory Panel in February 2002, and in March of this year also agreed to participate on the CAEAL Program Committee. His expertise, hard work, time and energy continue to enhance the credibility and integrity of the CAEAL program and make him well deserving of the Serge Villard Award for 2004.The late Mr. Villard was a long-time contributor to CAEAL. As one of CAEAL's originating director's, Mr. Villard served CAEAL in various Board Officer roles and retired from the CAEAL Board in 1999.

Congratulations Dave!

Serge Villard Award



Recognition Award

Recognition Award

On behalf of the CAEAL membership, Russ Calow (President), presents Rick Wilson with an award of recognition for 10 years of leadership as CAEAL's Executive Director.


NOTICE TO MEMBERSHIP (emailed on June 22, 2004):

Dear CAEAL Member:

On 18 June 2004, there were some significant decisions taken at the 2004 CAEAL AGM.  While the minutes are being prepared and approved, we wish to notify members of some of the more important items.  
The membership agreed to increase the annual institutional membership fees by $50.00 retroactive to April 1, 2004.

The following motions were decided by secret ballot:
“To adopt a new policy, effective January 1, 2005, requiring all private and municipal laboratories to prepay all CAEAL fees and requiring all federal and provincial government laboratories to provide a valid purchase order, prior to delivery of goods or services for the expected value of such goods and services.”

 163 votes were registered:

·     76% voted in favour of the motion.  
·     19% voted against the motion.  
·     5% abstained.  

 The motion was passed.


 “Negotiate renewal of SCC/CAEAL Partnership Agreement.”

 169 votes were registered:

·     31% voted in favour of the motion.  
·     67% voted against the motion.  
·     2% abstained.  

The motion was defeated. Therefore, the SCC/CAEAL Partnership will not be renewed.
The current SCC/CAEAL partnership remains in place until 1 Jan 2005. Members will not experience any changes for at least the next six months. 
Regarding those laboratories affected by regulatory accreditation and/or PT program requirements, CAEAL is committed to working with affected regulators to ensure continued compliance.

Accreditation is, and will remain, against ISO/IEC 17025 (CAN-P-4D). The program will not change in any substantive way. CAEAL will continue to perform assessments to the same level of quality currently delivered to members. It is our intention to seek international recognition equivalent to that enjoyed by the SCC.  The PT program, which is accredited by the SCC, remains unchanged.
CAEAL Members of the Board and staff are committed to keeping you informed of developments on this issue as they occur. If you have any questions or concerns, please contact a member of staff or a Board Member.  Contact information can be found at