CALA Quarterly Newsletter

October 2017

Congratulations to the Winners!

John Lawrence Student Scholarships

The John Lawrence Student Scholarships are annually awarded to 2 students.  It recognizes their understanding and use of any of the following themes:

     ·     Importance of Data Quality.

     ·     Value of Accreditation.

     ·     Quality Assurance and Quality Control in Testing Measurements and


This year CALA would like to offer congratulations to Ivy Luu and Vanessa Yang.

Ms. Luu lives in Calgary, Alberta, and attends the University of Waterloo where she is completing her Honour's Degree in Biochemistry.  She completed her work term at Quality Systems in Ottawa.  Her paper was titled, “Development and Validation of a Method for Detecting and Quantifying Hexavalent Chromium.”

Ms. Yang lives in Vancouver, British Columbia, and attends Simon Fraser University where she is completing her studies in Health Sciences.  Yang completed her work term at PYLET- Environment and Climate Change Canada, in North Vancouver.  Her paper was titled, “The Importance of Quality Control in an Environmental Remediation Project.”

Congratulations to both students on their achievements.