CALA Quarterly Newsletter

October 2017

You Could Strengthen Our Board

CALA is Looking for New Members to Join the Board of Directors

At the 2018 AGM, CALA will be losing a number of board members.  If you are a laboratory professional with leadership skills, and have a passion for finance or business, consider this opportunity.  

The CALA Board of Directors is looking to fill 4 Members-At-Large positions with representation in the following sectors:  

     ● 2 Members-At-Large representing the For Profit sector

     ● 2 Member-At-Large representing the Not For Profit sector

The Benefits of being a part of the CALA Board of Directors:

As a member of the Board, you have direct input to enhance the quality of CALA to better serve the testing community.  In addition, by working as a team for a common goal, you develop your business insight and share a deep sense of accomplishment and pride in results.

What is involved?

Time Commitment:  There are 4 scheduled meetings per year (two in person, and two electronically).  The “in-person” meetings are typically a day in length while the electronic meeting is typically 2-4 hours.  Other board duties include committee work.  Current committees include Regulatory Affairs, Nominating, and Finance/Audit, Compensation, and Strategy and Risk.  Committee work most often completed by participating in teleconferences.

Role of the Board: The Board of Directors, represent the membership of CALA and on behalf of these members,  shall ensure that CALA offers services for members at competitive prices, and that CALA avoids unacceptable actions and situations.  The Board sets and monitors the strategic direction of CALA, monitors CALA's efficiency, effectiveness and results.  The Board governs by setting policies for the President and CEO to follow in running the organization.

Expectations: It is expected that all board members will adhere to the Governance model in place, and CALA privacy and ethics codes.  Board emphasis is on outward vision, rather than internal administrative detail.  We encourage diversity and respect of others' opinions.  Board members are volunteers and as such, all travel expenses associated with meeting participation will be covered by CALA.  It is also expected that each new director will participate in a Board Governance orientation session soon after election as well as participating in other Board training alongside other Directors when it is available.  

The strength of our board is dependent upon the individual directors who represent the membership. Nominees must be voting members of CALA in good standing.   Given CALA's strategic direction and present board composition, we are specifically seeking nominees with the following experience and competencies:

Sector Experience:

Environmental,  Mineral, Municipal, Petroleum, Medical, Industrial Hygiene, Food and Agriculture, or Regulatory.

Leadership Skills:

Effective communication, consensus decision-making, marketing, networking & membership linkage, community involvement, and political awareness.

General Business Skills:

Legal awareness/training, business planning, general financial management (CPA, CA, CGA, CMA as an additional benefit), policy development and evaluation and marketing.

Analytical and Conceptual Thinking:

Strategic planning, negotiation and desire for continual education/learning.

Nominations must:

● Identify contact information for the nominee;

● Identify the nominee, nominator and seconder with telephone numbers and

   email addresses so that CALA staff can verify the nomination; and

● A short resume or biography of the nominee.

If you would like to submit a nomination please complete the:

● CALA Director Expression of Interest and Nomination Form (doc ref no. F28);

● Complete the CALA Director Skills and Knowledge Questionnaire (doc ref no. F27); and

● Include a short resume or biography of the nominee.

The completed material can be submitted in confidence to Charlette Mallette at by the close of your business day on December 22, 2017.  

For more information, please contact Andrew Adams, President & CEO, at the  CALA office (613) 233-5300.